Sunday, August 01, 2010

I have left my blog to ruin

Read the title.
I've left my Metroid and Star Wars nerdiness to other outlets, I guess. I mean, no one reads this anyways.
Blogging is a great idea, and I bet if I kept at it I could keep up a pretty decent one, but I think that if I'm gonna start blogging again I need a new blog, start with a fresh slate and stuff, you know?


Pantherpelt said...

I love blogging, and you should definitly do it no matter what!!

Kaen and Aesk said...

So I finally can say that I recognize who is on your blogger picture. :) Yes, it took me forever to get into Star Wars.

Yeah, I don't blog much either. It's hard to have stuff to say all the time.

Progresser said...

I started blogging again.

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