Sunday, August 01, 2010

I have left my blog to ruin

Read the title.
I've left my Metroid and Star Wars nerdiness to other outlets, I guess. I mean, no one reads this anyways.
Blogging is a great idea, and I bet if I kept at it I could keep up a pretty decent one, but I think that if I'm gonna start blogging again I need a new blog, start with a fresh slate and stuff, you know?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ah Google (or should I say topeka?), how I love thee

Google has the best april fools jokes. Enough said.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Blogger template designer. Really? I used to spend hours designing stuff for my blog, and when I finally stop blogging substantially, they introduce a template designer?

Really Google?


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guess what?

Guess what?

No, really, guess.

okay, fine.
I'll tell you.




Friday, January 29, 2010


Here's the beginning of a story I've been working on. Tell me what you think.

Jade looked at the sky and sighed. The only weather that this planet was capable of was rain, more rain, and heavy rain, with the occasional hurricane thrown in.
Oh well.
She ducked into a diner for cover as the drizzle evolved into a downpour. Her dripping hair and clothes started to steam as they came in contact with the warm air. She chose a seat at the far corner of the small dining room, with a view of all the occupants and the entrance. You could never be too careful.
“May I take your order, miss?”
Jade looked at the waiterdroid who had rolled up to her table. It was tapping it’s fingers impatiently, waiting for her order.
“Oh sorry.” She skimmed the holographic menu that was being projected onto the table. “I’ll just have a raspberry cafshake, if it’s all right.”
“It’s on the way, miss.” The waiterdroid’s impeccably polite voice faded away as it rolled away to the next customer.
She leaned back, but tensed up again as her bounty hunter’s instincts kicked in. She scanned the room, her eyes flitting from person to droid and back to person as she searched for possible danger.
She sighed and let herself relax. It was nice to take a break from shooting things and flying ships and essentially running around the known universe. No jobs, no being recognized, no powerful and extremely deadly weapons were pointed at her…
This mood would pass, of course. She could never go long without something to do. Life would be too boring. When the rain thinned she would probably fly her ship somewhere crowded where the important rich fat imperial government officials who were the main source of her income nowadays lived and shoot dissenters for them. She missed the excitement that used to come from new jobs, but with the galactic government cracking down on the “scum” of the galaxy, it had been weeks since she had gotten a good job.
It had been weeks since she had checked up on The Blackbird. Being with the other bounty hunters who were her only friends always made her happy. Of course, she often got a lot of criticism from others. Bounty hunters didn’t form attachments. You never knew when you were going to turn on them, and if you were the best of the best, like she was, it could be any day. Bounty hunters didn’t form attachments- but a smuggling crew stuck together, and when said smugglers also happen to be bounty hunters, they always take the easy way out.
“Miss?” Her musings were interrupted by the arrival of the waiterdroid, who had set her raspberry cafshake on the table. “Would you like anything else?”
“I’m fine.” She took a sip of her drink as the droid scurried away.
Energy flooded through her exhausted body as soon as the tang of the berry hit her tongue. It was a relief after slogging through the rain all day, but it was worth it. The job she had just finished guaranteed her about 73,000 markdens, a windfall in these hard times.

And that's all I have so far. I think I went too heavy on the adjectives.


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